Sunday, April 30, 2006

Just received from the OU: Torah classes in Sign Language

"New! New! New!
Jewish Videos in ASL [American Sign Language. Note to my readers: Sign language is not the same worldwide, and, in the larger countries, there may even be regional variations.]
It is with thanks to Hashem that Our Way/NJCD [National Jewish Congress of the Deaf?] is proud to announce that we have set up Torah classes in Sign Language (and voice) through the internet. The first two classes are about the 10 Commandments and Pesach by Mordechai Weis (NY). Go to and find "Jewish Deaf" on the left side and then click. You'll see the blue hyperlink to click and watch the video. Comments, suggestions and ideas should be emailed to"

Update: The Orthodox Union (OU) is fiddling with its website, and the link doesn't seem to be working at the moment. Try this link to the OU's Jewish Deaf website instead.

And no, the irony of a website for the Deaf being linked to a radio website has not escaped me.


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